01. After experiencing engine problems, the pilot was able to land his [craft] without incident.
02. The skipper guided his [craft] to the dock and began unloading his fish.
03. The naval [craft] approached the beach under cover of nightfall.
04. The aliens' [craft] crashed on earth and they were unable to contact their friends on their own planet to ask for help.
05. We went to a native [crafts] store to buy some little souvenir totem poles.
06. The old man [crafted] beautiful little toys out of wood for his grandson.
07. I picked up a beautiful little handmade teapot for my aunt at the Christmas [craft] sale.
08. My daughter made a cute little potholder in her [crafts] class at the rec center.
09. He has enrolled in an advanced painting class in order to improve his [craft].
10. He learned the [craft] of piano playing from his uncle, who is a professional jazz musician.
11. These tools were [crafted] by Neanderthals living in Europe over 40,000 years ago.
12. Orangutans will [craft] simple tools out of sticks to reach food in difficult places.
13. The President helped to [craft] the agreement which has finally brought peace to the war-torn region.
14. He's a [crafty] old man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
15. As an experienced, [crafty] politician, he never says what he really intends to do.
16. Her [crafty] little plan backfired and she lost a lot of money.
17. The President has [craftily] blamed the country's economic problems on the previous administration.
18. The people gazed in fear as the two-headed aliens slowly descended from their strange [craft].
19. In Namibia, bargaining, especially in rural markets, is a local way of life, particularly for arts and [crafts].
20. The spaceship had to change course to avoid hitting the alien [craft].
21. The earliest known glass makers worked in Mesopotamia around 2500 B.C., [crafting] beads and other small objects to imitate precious stones.
22. Ralph Waldo Emerson once observed that the [craft] of the merchant is in bringing a thing from where it abounds to where it is costly.
23. The space shuttle crashed into the ocean, and NASA officials fear that it will be very difficult to find what's left of the [craft].
24. The children made little hand puppets in their [crafts] class.
25. An Irish proverb suggests that [crafty] advice is often got from a fool.
26. The citizenry of fifteenth century Europe was able to accumulate wealth through commerce, banking and [crafts].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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